Goodbye 2018…

Oh how you come so fast and left even faster, you will stay in my heart forever❀ this year was a big year for me personally as it was my last baby’s milestone 1st unicorn birthday, then I went all out with a Harry potter party for my son. And the month after I had my big 30 bash! Which I will never forget❀ then followed on the 2 other kids birthdays which was joint. Then summer where we ventured to Manchester to explore as well as a week in London to explore. New school year start and my first baby started year 6πŸ€” so high school looking and applying which I will do a blog about was really stressful. On came some stress on the personal side, family stress. And learning to not depend on anyone, stopping to try to reach out to people ( I say people) but these are very close relatives. But I decide that enough was enough. And take a stand for my self. Which has been the toughest but liberating thing. Then the holidays of over eating followed with a HOLIDAY abroad which was our first as a family of 6. And then starting my business in the start if the year too. Deciding that I have to move on as it’s taking too much time and I am not making any money. So it will continue a hobby. I want to remember this year will with joy, love, and happiness. As they overshadow the cry, tears, stress and pain. I will say goodbye a stronger person than I was a year ago and a much more motivated to be the best i can be instead of accepting to just cope.

Goodbye 2018…

You will be cherished.

I am exited of what 2019 holds for me..

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Santa PancakesπŸŽ…

So this is such a fun thing to do with my kids, they genuinely love being in the kitchen with me. So these pancakes are so much fun to make and super easy when you have kids πŸ˜‰

So to begin you will need.


Squirty cream


Chocolate buttons

First you cut strawberries and put them at the top as Santa’s hat.

Then you squirt the cream as his beard.

Then add chocolate buttons as his eyes and mouth.

And a strawberry for his nose…

And that’s it you have a delicious santa pancake πŸŽ…

Super fun under 5mins recipe to do with kids..

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Giving others a taste of their own medicine….

Now this is something I have never liked!! if someone has acted in a curtain way towards me I choose to ignore it.. BUT! sometimes that comes under accepting bullying.

I don’t know about you guys? Have you ever been bullied? Obviously I’m not in school anymore so for some it would sound crazy, but in adulthood you can also get bullied, cyber bullying, colleagues, friends and family can also bully. In my case it’s been within family. And I think that one specifically is very hard to deal with because we have this painted picture of what family is suppose to be like? And bullying is far from it. So it’s hard to accept it. Hard to say NO! It’s hard overall.

But sometimes you have to say goodbye to toxic people in your life weather they are family or not! They are not healthy.

I have put up with back talking, name calling, being igorored, being left out. Talking down to, laugh at! And much for… but these past months was a turning for me! I STOPPED TRYING TO PLEASE THEM! I forced my self to say if they don’t like me it’s not my problem. It’s their loss.

I know I am a good person, who has always treated them with respect and love that they didn’t deserve.

Has it been easy NO!

but it’s worth it. I might feel lonely now, especially around occasions. But in the everyday life I feel relief that they are not watching and dictating my every move pulling me down..

So if anyone is in a similar situation, i understand! And my inbox is always open to anyone who is going though a hard time.

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Learning to stand up for my self( the start)

920201891048.jpgEver feel like people hurt you, don’t appreciate you or take advantage of your kindness? That’s how I have felt for many years… I have wondered why? Why me?

Why is people always mean to me?

Is something wrong with me? I am convinced not all can be wrong it must be me?

And then it hit me ” people can only treat you the way YOU let them”

I let people walk all over me? I comfort them in their bad days but sit alone in my bad days.

I am scared to stand up for my self, in case they dislike me or I hurt them?

I don’t speak my needs.

I always break my own heart to give the pieces to fix their hearts.

I try to see good in people even though I should not!

I am only needed when they need me! The rest of the time I am like dirt on the doormat. Or maybe I have been a doormat they can wipe their feet on.

But no more! Enough even if it means I have no one expect my own little family. That’s what I have to do! Because I am done, pretending like I don’t get hurt I am human too i have feelings.

It’s scary, but I will start to say NO! To say i will not put up with this! I will cut people out that are toxic for me! That make advantage of my kindness!

I will always choose kindness, but I will no longer choose to let people use to or treat me bad..

This is just the start…..

I will take you with me step by step…


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Finding your self again!

So just in general once you become a mum, a lot of things change not only your priorities, your body, your time, your energy, your mind also changes.

I was one of “those” that thought you could do every thing with kids and that kids was not a !stop! to anything! And I didn’t think that even after having my first, I think carried on as normal as I could..

Yes my body had changed a lot! My priorities defiantly had as well as my time which was all spent with this gorgeous baby of mine❀ and all my energy was spent worrying about her needs… and that’s when it started I never realised and after almost a decade I’ve realised THAT is the first step to losing your self!

When we forget about us self!!!!

So after my first I had my second then my 3rd and 4th… and I am so use to looking after everyone before me.

So for the past few months I’ve been soul searching and have realised that’s where we go wrong us mamas we need to mother ourself once in a while so we feed our own soul too so it does not disappear. I’ve been talking about losing my mojo, my purpose as I feel my only purpose is my family, and I feel really uncomfortable without my hubby and kids. But feeling like that has made me realise that I’ve forgotten myself, I don’t feel comfortable with myself! I doubt myself all the time! I think this happens when you have kids young like me, because you haven’t fully found your way yet. So going off track makes it a lot harder to find your way back into things such as education and careers.

So I thought kids would not change me, but the truth is being a mum has changed me a lot ( for a lot of better ways)

But as I’m finding my self I do take out time daily, to feed my soul again.

* Listen to a few songs while kids are occupied for 10mins.

* having a bath (lol) yes this is a task after kids😁


* writting a diary

* watch motivatial videos


* anything creative

* anything that puts a smile on my face ( beside kids or hubby)

These all only take 5-10 mins as it’s so it’s not time challenging.

And it’s doing wonders, I am remembering myself more, thinking of what I want and need in my future not just as a mum or wife but as ME!

It’s important to nature your mind and soul. And being “mum” is the best job possible and I am truly grateful and it’s my life’s biggest accomplishment to have achieved that role! But I am also a young woman with tons of dreams trying to find her way in this huge world, so that she can be proud of her self so her little family can be proud of her but most of all her daughter’s will be proud and look up to her and never give up on any of their dreams πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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Losing my “mojo”

So growing up I always loved writting, and dreamed of being an author.. or a magazine editor ( after watching the devil wear prada ) πŸ˜‚

But writting is my way of expressing I am quite shy and not confident enough to talk the way I write.

In the last few months I think I forgot that!

I started a blog after reading about a woman’s blog about how she hadn’t got the job of her dreams as a writer but she found her “calling” in life writting her own blog..

That’s what I wished to get my words across to others.. And maybe for others to are going though struggles to know they are not alone.

And for others to learn from my struggles.

I’ve seen my fair share of things in life, and they have all made me stronger.. but unfortunately I have felt very alone in most of them.

I ‘ve felt lost the last few months as I was not getting the numbers of subscribers not enough people reading..

Just all these other things of competition and probably not be living in my self… but today I woke up thinking stop being put off! And just do what you want even if it’s only 1 person reading lol just keep doing you!!!

So if you are in my situation not finding your way in this online world.. just do what feels right. If you need to start it do it! If you need a break take it! But always listen to your heart ❀

#findingyourself #losingway #positive #newstart #live #love #mom #life #doyou #youcandoit #important

Dia xxx

Learning to love your own self!!

Hi today is an honest one as I’ve had such a hard morning! I have been a bit quite on here just because i have been a bit down and have been reflecting a lot!its all this feeling like i dont belong….. we flick through our feed and see these perfect pictures and perfect days out! I see women/mums who are beautiful, confident and happy! I don’t feel beautiful, I’ve struggled with self image since I was like 11. My body image in puberty I was that weird girl who actually wore 2 swim suits on top of each other to hide my growing chest🀫🀫🀫🀫 and wore random you know them puffer vests on top of clothes, and coats in summer to hide this new body that I hated so much! My parents due to a lot of reasons ( another story) did not have time and no one else really had time to talk or tell me it was NORMAL! That I was not fat or that I didn’t have to count calories from the age of 12!!!! And OMG there was no social media then! But people still made me feel like this! I have definatly been up and down with weight last 10years with having 4 kids but I don’t wanna blame it on that! I am either the no eater or the over eater when I’m stressed or sad! And I hate it! I hate feeling like I don’t belong here everyone else is better than me and that I’m so ugly or fat! I would never judge anyone else other that myself on their weight or looks! But when it comes to me I’m so judgmental, I don’t like to take photos because I don’t like me! It’s sad but it’s true! And I think it’s so important to talk about because if someone else feels like this I get it! I do!! It gets me down, i hate all clothes on me, i had lost 4 stones after my 3rd and felt a bit better but i started tp focus on other negatives like my nose, my eye bags my lips ect. And since my 4th baby i just cant get back to that weight and i feel like a bit of a failure! I just hate all clothes on me and keep buying a size s so i have a wardrobe full of clothes i cant fit.. which is depressing!!I want to talk about it because of me, for others but for my daughter’s and the new generation I don’t allow my daughter on social media! And dont know when i will… but I talk to her about these issues because I want her to love her self and her body, it will change she might get a few love handles or chubby cheeks once or twice but she is still beautiful

and capable of conqouring the world! Positive Self image is such a strength we should teach our daughters…. we should all love our self, but to me it’s so personal, how you feel good, it’s all about feeling good no matter what size you are! You can’t miss all these precious days out with you kids or if your younger with friends because you feel hideous or fat or ugly… because 9 out of 10 others don’t see you how YOU see your self!!! Let’s lift each other up and not down! Let’s spread love and positive vibes around ❀❀❀❀

Finding myself….

Sooo sorry I haven’t posted in a week or so…

So last week my baby girl turned 1 and it’s was really emotional for me, just to accept that the new born and baby stages are over and how fast that 1 hard year was over.. I will post more on this subject.

But another thing that has happened is that I think I have found my “calling ” in my life. Other than being a mum of course.

I became a mum at 20 so really I didn’t get to finish uni and pursue the goal and dream i had.. and with years it just was not what I wanted anymore as it didn’t suit my life as a mum. And then we had more kids and almost my only identity is a mum and wife. I saw all these amazing women talk about their dreams and passions in life.. thinking what’s mine?

But I’ve found what makes me happy this month. Just planing my daughter’s first birthday I realized how much I love parties and planing them more than that baking and making treats.. I just love making people happy.

So I have decided to start a small party business. I’m not sure it’s going to work or I’ll get any orders but I know I makes me so calm and happy doing crafty things and putting my ideas to life by planning parties and making treats for them…

What do you do?

Do you have a passion you pursue?

I would love to hear from you all??

Lots of love

Dia xx

Don’t let anyone stop you from being YOU!

So all my life I’ve struggled with speaking up for myself, thinking it’s okay to say my opinion or that my say will make a difference. Just for the fear of others hating me or starting an argument. I have been called a doormat and all sorts and still don’t understand. I have cried, gotten angry with my self why I’m not one of those who can be rude back when some else is being rude to me! I have just always tried not to hurt others feelings even though mine are hurt.. is that being a door mat? Only recently I realised that I don’t want to push my self to be like others I AM ENOUGH. I AM ME! IM NOT THE ONE YOU PUSH AND I PUSH YOU STAIGHT BACK BECAUSE THAT WOULD MAKE ME LIKE THOSE. AND I DON’T WANT TO LIVE WITH BEING A “MEAN” RUDE PERSON. SO IF THAT MEANS STANDING IN THE QUEUE FIRST WHILE WAITING FOR THE BUS AND LETTING EVERYONE ELSE ON FIRST THEN THATS WHO I AM. I’M THE ONE IF YOU FALL I’LL HELP YOU GET UP. IF YOU SHOUT I WILL BE CALM. IT’S OKAY THAT WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME…








Been so busy… Sorry!

Okay so I’m really sorry I haven’t been on writting as much as I wanted to..

I’m just off my feet organising everything for my baby’s 1st birthday.. I was thinking of doing some 1st birthday themed posts.

Like gift reviews? Planning? Outfits? The day? Birth story?


It would mean a lot if you have any suggestions write a comment of what you would like to read about the 1st birthday or year?

Thanks for reading