Finding myself….

Sooo sorry I haven’t posted in a week or so…

So last week my baby girl turned 1 and it’s was really emotional for me, just to accept that the new born and baby stages are over and how fast that 1 hard year was over.. I will post more on this subject.

But another thing that has happened is that I think I have found my “calling ” in my life. Other than being a mum of course.

I became a mum at 20 so really I didn’t get to finish uni and pursue the goal and dream i had.. and with years it just was not what I wanted anymore as it didn’t suit my life as a mum. And then we had more kids and almost my only identity is a mum and wife. I saw all these amazing women talk about their dreams and passions in life.. thinking what’s mine?

But I’ve found what makes me happy this month. Just planing my daughter’s first birthday I realized how much I love parties and planing them more than that baking and making treats.. I just love making people happy.

So I have decided to start a small party business. I’m not sure it’s going to work or I’ll get any orders but I know I makes me so calm and happy doing crafty things and putting my ideas to life by planning parties and making treats for them…

What do you do?

Do you have a passion you pursue?

I would love to hear from you all??

Lots of love

Dia xx


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