Learning to love your own self!!

Hi today is an honest one as I’ve had such a hard morning! I have been a bit quite on here just because i have been a bit down and have been reflecting a lot!its all this feeling like i dont belong….. we flick through our feed and see these perfect pictures and perfect days out! I see women/mums who are beautiful, confident and happy! I don’t feel beautiful, I’ve struggled with self image since I was like 11. My body image in puberty I was that weird girl who actually wore 2 swim suits on top of each other to hide my growing chest🀫🀫🀫🀫 and wore random you know them puffer vests on top of clothes, and coats in summer to hide this new body that I hated so much! My parents due to a lot of reasons ( another story) did not have time and no one else really had time to talk or tell me it was NORMAL! That I was not fat or that I didn’t have to count calories from the age of 12!!!! And OMG there was no social media then! But people still made me feel like this! I have definatly been up and down with weight last 10years with having 4 kids but I don’t wanna blame it on that! I am either the no eater or the over eater when I’m stressed or sad! And I hate it! I hate feeling like I don’t belong here everyone else is better than me and that I’m so ugly or fat! I would never judge anyone else other that myself on their weight or looks! But when it comes to me I’m so judgmental, I don’t like to take photos because I don’t like me! It’s sad but it’s true! And I think it’s so important to talk about because if someone else feels like this I get it! I do!! It gets me down, i hate all clothes on me, i had lost 4 stones after my 3rd and felt a bit better but i started tp focus on other negatives like my nose, my eye bags my lips ect. And since my 4th baby i just cant get back to that weight and i feel like a bit of a failure! I just hate all clothes on me and keep buying a size s so i have a wardrobe full of clothes i cant fit.. which is depressing!!I want to talk about it because of me, for others but for my daughter’s and the new generation I don’t allow my daughter on social media! And dont know when i will… but I talk to her about these issues because I want her to love her self and her body, it will change she might get a few love handles or chubby cheeks once or twice but she is still beautiful

and capable of conqouring the world! Positive Self image is such a strength we should teach our daughters…. we should all love our self, but to me it’s so personal, how you feel good, it’s all about feeling good no matter what size you are! You can’t miss all these precious days out with you kids or if your younger with friends because you feel hideous or fat or ugly… because 9 out of 10 others don’t see you how YOU see your self!!! Let’s lift each other up and not down! Let’s spread love and positive vibes around ❀❀❀❀


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