Losing my “mojo”

So growing up I always loved writting, and dreamed of being an author.. or a magazine editor ( after watching the devil wear prada ) 😂

But writting is my way of expressing I am quite shy and not confident enough to talk the way I write.

In the last few months I think I forgot that!

I started a blog after reading about a woman’s blog about how she hadn’t got the job of her dreams as a writer but she found her “calling” in life writting her own blog..

That’s what I wished to get my words across to others.. And maybe for others to are going though struggles to know they are not alone.

And for others to learn from my struggles.

I’ve seen my fair share of things in life, and they have all made me stronger.. but unfortunately I have felt very alone in most of them.

I ‘ve felt lost the last few months as I was not getting the numbers of subscribers not enough people reading..

Just all these other things of competition and probably not be living in my self… but today I woke up thinking stop being put off! And just do what you want even if it’s only 1 person reading lol just keep doing you!!!

So if you are in my situation not finding your way in this online world.. just do what feels right. If you need to start it do it! If you need a break take it! But always listen to your heart ❤

#findingyourself #losingway #positive #newstart #live #love #mom #life #doyou #youcandoit #important

Dia xxx


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