Finding your self again!

So just in general once you become a mum, a lot of things change not only your priorities, your body, your time, your energy, your mind also changes.

I was one of “those” that thought you could do every thing with kids and that kids was not a !stop! to anything! And I didn’t think that even after having my first, I think carried on as normal as I could..

Yes my body had changed a lot! My priorities defiantly had as well as my time which was all spent with this gorgeous baby of mine❀ and all my energy was spent worrying about her needs… and that’s when it started I never realised and after almost a decade I’ve realised THAT is the first step to losing your self!

When we forget about us self!!!!

So after my first I had my second then my 3rd and 4th… and I am so use to looking after everyone before me.

So for the past few months I’ve been soul searching and have realised that’s where we go wrong us mamas we need to mother ourself once in a while so we feed our own soul too so it does not disappear. I’ve been talking about losing my mojo, my purpose as I feel my only purpose is my family, and I feel really uncomfortable without my hubby and kids. But feeling like that has made me realise that I’ve forgotten myself, I don’t feel comfortable with myself! I doubt myself all the time! I think this happens when you have kids young like me, because you haven’t fully found your way yet. So going off track makes it a lot harder to find your way back into things such as education and careers.

So I thought kids would not change me, but the truth is being a mum has changed me a lot ( for a lot of better ways)

But as I’m finding my self I do take out time daily, to feed my soul again.

* Listen to a few songs while kids are occupied for 10mins.

* having a bath (lol) yes this is a task after kids😁


* writting a diary

* watch motivatial videos


* anything creative

* anything that puts a smile on my face ( beside kids or hubby)

These all only take 5-10 mins as it’s so it’s not time challenging.

And it’s doing wonders, I am remembering myself more, thinking of what I want and need in my future not just as a mum or wife but as ME!

It’s important to nature your mind and soul. And being “mum” is the best job possible and I am truly grateful and it’s my life’s biggest accomplishment to have achieved that role! But I am also a young woman with tons of dreams trying to find her way in this huge world, so that she can be proud of her self so her little family can be proud of her but most of all her daughter’s will be proud and look up to her and never give up on any of their dreams πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment πŸ’– yes I have really realized that it does not have to be BIG the little moments really help too more than we think it would πŸ‘


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