Learning to stand up for my self( the start)

920201891048.jpgEver feel like people hurt you, don’t appreciate you or take advantage of your kindness? That’s how I have felt for many years… I have wondered why? Why me?

Why is people always mean to me?

Is something wrong with me? I am convinced not all can be wrong it must be me?

And then it hit me ” people can only treat you the way YOU let them”

I let people walk all over me? I comfort them in their bad days but sit alone in my bad days.

I am scared to stand up for my self, in case they dislike me or I hurt them?

I don’t speak my needs.

I always break my own heart to give the pieces to fix their hearts.

I try to see good in people even though I should not!

I am only needed when they need me! The rest of the time I am like dirt on the doormat. Or maybe I have been a doormat they can wipe their feet on.

But no more! Enough even if it means I have no one expect my own little family. That’s what I have to do! Because I am done, pretending like I don’t get hurt I am human too i have feelings.

It’s scary, but I will start to say NO! To say i will not put up with this! I will cut people out that are toxic for me! That make advantage of my kindness!

I will always choose kindness, but I will no longer choose to let people use to or treat me bad..

This is just the start…..

I will take you with me step by step…


#standup #fightforyourself #mindfulness #kindness #love #hurt #emotional #justthestart #writingmyheartout #therapy #lettinggo #strong #mum #disfuctionalsituations #motivation #positive #selflove #2018


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