Giving others a taste of their own medicine….

Now this is something I have never liked!! if someone has acted in a curtain way towards me I choose to ignore it.. BUT! sometimes that comes under accepting bullying.

I don’t know about you guys? Have you ever been bullied? Obviously I’m not in school anymore so for some it would sound crazy, but in adulthood you can also get bullied, cyber bullying, colleagues, friends and family can also bully. In my case it’s been within family. And I think that one specifically is very hard to deal with because we have this painted picture of what family is suppose to be like? And bullying is far from it. So it’s hard to accept it. Hard to say NO! It’s hard overall.

But sometimes you have to say goodbye to toxic people in your life weather they are family or not! They are not healthy.

I have put up with back talking, name calling, being igorored, being left out. Talking down to, laugh at! And much for… but these past months was a turning for me! I STOPPED TRYING TO PLEASE THEM! I forced my self to say if they don’t like me it’s not my problem. It’s their loss.

I know I am a good person, who has always treated them with respect and love that they didn’t deserve.

Has it been easy NO!

but it’s worth it. I might feel lonely now, especially around occasions. But in the everyday life I feel relief that they are not watching and dictating my every move pulling me down..

So if anyone is in a similar situation, i understand! And my inbox is always open to anyone who is going though a hard time.

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#mindfulness #lettinggo #mindfulmotherhood


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