Goodbye 2018…

Oh how you come so fast and left even faster, you will stay in my heart forever❤ this year was a big year for me personally as it was my last baby’s milestone 1st unicorn birthday, then I went all out with a Harry potter party for my son. And the month after I had my big 30 bash! Which I will never forget❤ then followed on the 2 other kids birthdays which was joint. Then summer where we ventured to Manchester to explore as well as a week in London to explore. New school year start and my first baby started year 6🤔 so high school looking and applying which I will do a blog about was really stressful. On came some stress on the personal side, family stress. And learning to not depend on anyone, stopping to try to reach out to people ( I say people) but these are very close relatives. But I decide that enough was enough. And take a stand for my self. Which has been the toughest but liberating thing. Then the holidays of over eating followed with a HOLIDAY abroad which was our first as a family of 6. And then starting my business in the start if the year too. Deciding that I have to move on as it’s taking too much time and I am not making any money. So it will continue a hobby. I want to remember this year will with joy, love, and happiness. As they overshadow the cry, tears, stress and pain. I will say goodbye a stronger person than I was a year ago and a much more motivated to be the best i can be instead of accepting to just cope.

Goodbye 2018…

You will be cherished.

I am exited of what 2019 holds for me..

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