My journey to motherhood🌹 Happy mother’s day❤

I had the best day with the 5 people i love the most in the whole world..

So let’s start ………… Since I was a little girl playing with my dolls, I always imagined being a mummy, I would wish to be a cool mum a loving mum a sweet and caring mum a understanding mum… all the things my mom unfortunately was not☹ so I always knew I wanted to be a mummy I just had to wait till I was 30 and had my career😁😁😁 My Destiny thought f*** them plans… I’m not 30 yet and I have not 1 not 2 not 3 BUT 4 BEAUTIFUL BABIES💖💙💙💖 and I wouldn’t have it any other way👌 so at 20 I was married, had moved across the ocean😊 and I then became A mama to the most Beautiful little tiny baby girl, ohhh my heart, from the first time I held her I knew this was true love, unconditional love, love that would never end….. I felt like I knew her already and had known her forever she was just meant to be💖 my life had gone from being about Me to being from me and my hubby to her All her, all my time was spent with her. I didn’t ever think I would be dealing with burping, nappy explosions, teething, colic, tears and tantrums, bonding while feeding, my heart melting while looking at her, I felt complete, she was mine❤ then she turned 1 in a blink of and eye😢 I went on to work part time, and fell pregnant with my 2nd😍 my beautiful baby boy, I was so worried I could not love any one as much as I loved my daughter, but I could, my heart grew twice the size❤❤ by 22 I had 2 babies. I went back to work after my baby boy turned 1, my heart every time I left them, I have always dealt with separation anxiety so this was just so hard but I was so lucky me and my hubby could work different times so when I was work he was with them and when he was at work I was home😊 but my heart broke a little each time 💔 but at 24 I fell pregnant again with my baby boy no 2😍 only few will meet their soul twin and he is mine❤ so at 25 I was a mum of 3 😊 and plan was to go back to work but I had a change of plan, I left work and we decided that i would stay home with them 3 and now my oldest was starting school, so in till my baby was not in school full time! Luckily we had the option of me leaving work and staying home as it was where my heart is… ❤ we both knew we wanted a big family, but for a while thought 3 was big enough, maybe a 4th love child in our 30’s 😁 so we got the biggest blessing when we found out we was expecting again❤ when I found out it was a girl OMG I wanted to cry our family was complete My oldest had her best friend in my first son, now my baby boy was going to get his best friend💖💙💙💖 when I see them together my heart burst with love.. it’s so amazing… So these 4 beautiful humans we have created who made me a mama who I love unconditionally more than words would ever describe.. thank you to you all 4 each one of hold a part of my heart and soul❤ now at the last few months of my 20’s I know most of my 20’s have gone really fast being your mama but it’s my biggest accomplishment being a mama and a wife to your daddy.. it’s my life, I might not have figured out exactly what my calling career wise is yet but my calling in life is definatly being a mum💋

Sorry for the long post!

To all of you beautiful mums out there you are AMAZING❤

Happy mothers day🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Dia xx


1st birthday planning 🎊🎉

So I’ve planned four 1st birthdays now so that makes me almost a pro! 😁

These are some tips to help you plan your little ones special birthday!

So here are some questions you might want to ask your self before you start.

1. Do you want to do something big or small?

2. Do you want a theme?

3. What’s your budget?

4. Where do you want to do it?

5. 1st birthday gifts?

So once you have figured out whether you want a big or small party you can decide on a theme I personally love w themed party it makes it easier to get invites, plates, cups, party bags and decor matching.

Choosing a theme it could be a cartoon your child likes? Or just a 1st birthday theme or something you like?

I know babies won’t remember their 1st birthday BUT I always wanted the idea of having a memory book of the 1st birthday in pictures because it’s something I never had, I don’t really have any pictures of myself as a child so I wanted to give my first born tons of photos to cherish and look back at when she is older.. and from there the tradition carried on..

So theme or no theme

You have to have a budget!

So if your having a small party or big? Budget is everything.

So what I have done each time is to first but all my ideas on a paper then price them up. And then see how much everything comes to and then take away the unnecessary stuff.. Yes we would all love a massive chocolate fountain but do we really need it?

Where do you want to do it?

At home? Venue? Hall? Restaurant? Zoo? Soft play? Beach? It could be anywhere you want it to be.

1st birthday gifts

Do you buy loads of gifts or a few?

With my first I actually bought her loads of gifts.. And then she ended up getting the same kind of ones by friends and family. 😣

So with my other children I buy them a few big gifts and clothes as they always tend to grow out of clothes around 1. And need a stroller😊 and then what way you will probably get some of them gifts you where looking at from friend and family😊 or if you are can tell family a list of things your baby would like.

And then you put it all together!

All that really matters is that their 1st birthday is a day to remember and for you and them to look back to and remember that their milestone birthday was celebrated with love❤ because the 1st year is always hard but you’ve accomplished it together✔

Dia x


Accepting that we as mothers are all different but that is OKAY! #motherhood #dontjudge #wearealldifferent #mummyblog

Im not sure who is going to read this but this is a topic that has been bothering me for the past year since my baby was born S




This a big shout of to all mums in general but a big Shout out to First time mums stressed out or anxious about their journey to motherhood or maybe those who have already become mums for the first time ?

This is a matter thats been bothering me since my baby was born recently.

This time around i have just noticed a lot more than i did my first time. Maybe i am more experienced and know more about what stuggles and stress a mother goes though when she brings her little gift into this world.
These days with social media and mums forums and blogs i think there is so many options out there it can get overwhelming especially if you are first time mom. Like how do you chose the right way of sleeping? travel ? feeding? for your baby when there is so many options out there trust me if you are stressing about it your already doing your best? If you like a moses basket more than a crib or a a cot better than a cot bed or sleep next to me either one is not going to hurt your baby trust your self its more whats convenient for YOU!!!!! Even with pushchairs your baby is not going to get hurt if you choose not to get that £1000 strokke pushchair and choose an option that more suitable for you, there is so much pressure these days to be so perfect. Its more of a personal preference if you know what i mean its not a MUST HAVE !

There is so much pressure on moms these days TO be perfect but no one is perfect we have to remind us self!!!!!
As though being pregnant and preparing for a new baby to come is not enoght pressure.
Which brings me to all this nasty ” mommy shaming”?

You planned a natrual normal birth with no epidural but instead you ended up having a c- section or you ended up having epidural after feeling the pain Or you planned for c-section because its ur choice or maybe you had one previously. Other mums acually think c-section is the easy way out ?. point is matter how you bring YOUR child into this world no one has the right to make you feel you are less than a mother because you had a c-section if it was unexpected you probably already feel disappointed your birth plan didn’t go to plan. Its Okay you did what you had to to bring your baby into this world so well done ???You dont need any one to say you are any less than a mother because you have delivered naturally or by c-section !! And the shocking part is most of these people are moms them self! I have not had a c section my self and i could never imagine telling some who has that i am more a mom because i had my baby though natrual birth or that they dont know what it is like to give birth because they had it though surgery they know what it is like! Its ridiculous how its okay on social media to make other mothers feel smaller than them self.

Or to judge them for conceiving though IVF!! Its all wrong!

WE ( all of us mums) should support one another in whatever choices WE make. Not force our options onto other mums by judging them. This causes MAJOR anxiety and depression for 100’s of mums because they believe they are smaller or less mums because they do things different.

Which brings me to the biggest issue of everything

” Feeding your baby”

feeding your baby what is right for your baby and you its a choice you have as a mother yes now everyone says breastfeeding is best ? and there is no doubt about how special and nutritional breast milk is? (so please kindly no nasty comments) but to think moms who can go into depression and beat them self up about its unnecessary! I’ve seen #fedisbest post and breastfeeding moms are judging that saying by saying NO BREASTFED IS BEST( YES IT IS FOR SOME! for others its not? I know a happy mom makes a happy baby! Just because i have chosen to breastfeed as that suited me it might not suit someone else and it does not mean i have the right to shame any moms who chose formula! I believe a fed baby is the best!!!!!! Its disgusting as though we haven’t been through enough being pregnant for 9 months hours of hardcore pain during labour and adjusting with a newborn to feel ashamed of our choices! The goverment mainly changed it to breastfeeding is best campain because of social and political reasons to help people not get into debt as breastfeeding is free and women was not even trying to breast feed just staight on to formula milk( please dont jump at my throat now! Yes breastfeeding is awesome? its unique ?and has the best nutritions! ?But for many moms its not possible and being judged by breastfeeding moms is not healthy and makes so many new moms into depression and anxiety if they wished and hoped they could breastfed and then for some reason it does not happen or go to plan they feel less of a mum and formula saves loads of little premies lifes it does not make kids stupid or fat!

Honestly mommies stop shaming each other and respect each other!

Please Respect that every mom is different just as every child is! Feeding IS best!

By saying that does not mean breast milk is less special or unique it just means that a fed baby is the best!

And Happy mommies and baby babies are best!

So To all mommies out there YOU ARE AMAZING NO MATTER HOW YOU GOT PREGNANT ( naturally, by accident, planned or ivf) You deserve as much regardless to how you got pregnant to HOW YOU GAVE BIRTH OR HOW YOU FEED OR RISE YOUR CHILD! AS LONG AS YOU LOVE YOUR CHILD AND WANT AND DO THE BEST FOR THEM YOUR AN AMAZING MOM ????

So please if you are doubting your mum skills because someone said something to you or you read something or your journey to motherhood didn’t go to plan please take a minute and give your self a HUGE applause?? because YOU ARE TRYING YOUR BEST AND YOU WILL MASTER BEING A MUM TO YOUR CHILD??

There is so much hate going around in the world!

Please lets take time to spead love instead of hate!


My baby is turning 1 this month😢

Ohhh when I write this I feel so emotional, so my 4th baby she is turning 1 end of this month.. and because she is my last baby I kind of want time to freeze so I can look at her some more play with her and hold her as a baby some more.. she has truly completed our family… and we all love her so much 💖 it’s funny with my first I wanted her to hit them milestone

s fast and for her to walk and crawl but with my last I definatly want her to slow down and be my baby… funny how you change as a mum each time you have a baby, no pregnancy is the same? No baby, no mum… it’s a funny thing this motherhood ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤